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What is it: Apoxar Anadrol is a powerful oral anabolic steroid that enhances muscle growth, recovery, and oxygen delivery to muscles.

Used for: Quick bulking, plateau breaker, main oral in the beginning of the cycle.

How to use: In a cycle of up to 6 weeks, a daily dose should be 50 to 100 mg ED. It is essential to use an injectable testosterone base while on Anadrol to prevent side effects. Prolonged use of Anadrol can lead to liver damage.

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Anadrol by Apoxar is a powerful oral anabolic steroid. In fact, it’s one of the most powerful options on the market, along with Dianabol.

Its primary mechanism of action is to increase protein synthesis and enhance the production of red blood cells, resulting in improved oxygen delivery to the muscles. This ultimately leads to an increase in muscle mass and strength.

In addition, it has also been found to enhance recovery from intense exercise, resulting in faster muscle growth.

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