Proviron – Mesterolon 25mg/50tabs – NovoPharm “LIMITED SUPPLY”


What is it: Novo-Pharm’s Proviron is an androgenic steroid with mild anabolic properties, optimized for oral administration.

Used for: Boosting other compounds in the stack, as a support compound. Proviron can raise free testosterone levels, reduce estrogen levels, and counter the side effects of other steroids.

How to use: A typical dose is 50mg per day, up to 100mg if you run just mild gear in the stack. The cycle duration is up to 12 weeks. Taking proviron solo is not recommended, it should be accompanied by at least a medium dose of Testosterone.



Proviron by Novo-Pharm is an androgenic steroid that is often used as an addition to a primary steroid stack. 

Despite not being a typical bulker compound, it can act as a booster for the cycle or as a safety measure to minimize the side effects of more powerful gear.

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