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What is it: Trenbolone Acetate is a powerful anabolic steroid. It’s the fastest form of Trenbolone on the market, a veterinary FInaplix adjusted for easy human use.

Used for: It is used to improve physical performance and perfect the user’s physique visually without causing water retention. It’s a bulker, and a powerful one.

How to use: The recommended dosage for Trenbolone Acetate is 50 mg daily or every other day at 100 mg for a maximum of 10 weeks. It’s important to start with minimal dosages and increase slowly, and begin post-cycle therapy 2-3 days after the last injection.

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Novo-Pharm’s Trenbolone Acetate is a potent anabolic compound that is often the steroid of choice for those looking for maximum performance gains. This steroid is known for its incredibly high anabolic activity and its ability to provide a wide range of strong effects on performance.

Acetate, which is commonly referred to as just “Ace,” is the second most popular form of Tren because of its short time of action, which typically lasts no more than three days. The active component of the drug is absorbed into the muscle tissue and then gradually released into the bloodstream over a short period of time.

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