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What is it: TriTren is a blend of three powerful Trenbolone esters, used as a performance-enhancing compound with rapid effects.

Used for: Both cutting and bulking, as it promotes, boosted lipolysis, enhanced mass growth, and increased strength with limited water retention.

How to use: Injectable, for optimal results, take 300 to 600 mg of TriTren per week for 8-12 weeks, administered 2-3 times a week or every other day. Stack with testosterone is necessary, take Cabergoline for prolactin control on cycle.

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TriTren is a performance-enhancing compound that has taken the bodybuilding community by storm. This compound is a mixture of three Trenbolone esters: Acetate, Enanthate, and Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, which work together to maximize strength and muscle gains. As a result, TriTren is considered one of the most powerful steroids available today.

Apoxar TriTren is a versatile steroid that can be used for both cutting and bulking. With its fast-acting esters, it acts quickly and has a number of positive traits that make it a popular choice among bodybuilders. Trenbolone was initially developed for use in veterinary medicine to bulk up cattle before they are sent to a slaughterhouse, which gives you an idea of the kind of muscle gains that are possible with TriTren.

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