NandroTest (Deca/Test E) Blend 500mg/ml – Apoxar


What is it: NandroTest is a bulking blend by Apoxar that contains Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca Durabolin) and Testosterone Enanthate. It’s a pre-made and optimized bulking cycle.

Used for: Steady muscle growth and effective bulking, with minimized side effects in a convenient way with limited injections.

How to use: The recommended dosage for Nandro-test is 1-3 ml per week. The cycle length is generally 8-16 weeks, injections should be performed every 3 days for optimal results. 



Nandro-Test is Apoxar’s ultimate bulking blend. The compound has two substances in it: 

  1. Nandrolone Decanoate, aka Deca Durabolin;
  2. And Testosterone Enanthate. 

Deca is known as one of the most powerful mass growth boosters on the market, slow and steady, and testosterone Enanthate is both a powerful anabolic by itself and a much-needed base for Deca at the same time. 

With this blend by Apoxar, you can get insane muscle mass in a matter of weeks, in a steady way, with no need for multiple injections. It’s a vial of muscles, essentially, and huge concentration — 500 mg per mL — makes it even more impressive. One mL of Nandro-test is all that’s needed for growth, with minimized side effects. 

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